asset management

Description of Services

  • Development and maintenance of an appropriate Investment Policy Statement for those assets under the limited discretionary authority of DEW.
  • Customized implementation of the Investment Policy
  • Coordination of the establishment of appropriate accounts and related asset transfers.
  • Active tax and cost efficient investment portfolio management for assets under the limited discretionary authority of DEW. This will include manager and strategy selection.
  • Monitoring and management of investment managers and vehicles selected for implementation.
  • As necessary, rebalancing, policy and/or strategy modification and/or manager replacements.
  • Quarterly detailed written reviews of the client investment portfolio(s) under our management.
  • As requested; implementation of cost and tax efficient liquidations for unanticipated cash flow needs.
  • As requested, provision of preliminary tax information (e.g., realized and unrealized gains, taxable interest and dividends) for client's tax planning.

Fee Schedule

Under $2,000,000

$2,000,000 -     $5,000,000

$5,000,001 -     $7,500,000

$7,500,001 -   $10,000,000

$10,000,001-  $15,000,000

$15,000,001-  $20,000,000

Over $20,000,000


Greater of 1.00%, or $10,000






individually negotiated

This fee schedule is used as a general guideline based on Managed Assets. Actual fees are quoted based on the complexity of the development process.