pension consulting services

Description of Services

DEW provides several advisory services separately or in combination. While the primary clients for these services will be pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans, DEW will also offer these services, where appropriate, to individuals and trusts, estates and charitable organizations. Pension Consulting Services are comprised of four distinct services. Clients may choose to use any or all of these services.

Investment Policy Statement Preparation (hereinafter referred to as ''IPS''):

DEW will meet with the client (in person or over the telephone) to determine the client's

Investment needs and goals. DEW will then prepare a written IPS stating those needs and goals and encompassing a policy under which these goals are to be achieved. The IPS will also list the criteria for selection of investment vehicles and the procedures and timing interval for monitoring of investment performance.

Selection of Investment Vehicles:

DEW will review various investments, consisting exclusively of mutual funds (both index and managed) to determine which of these investments are appropriate to implement the client's IPS. The number of investments to be recommended will be determined by the client, based on the Investment Policy Statement.

Monitoring of Investment Performance:

Client investments will be monitored continuously based on the procedures and timing intervals delineated in the Investment Policy Statement. Although DEW will not be involved in any way in the purchase or sale of these investments, DEW will supervise the client's portfolio and will make recommendations to the client as market factors and the client's needs dictate.

Employee Communications:

For pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plan clients wherein there are individual accounts with participants exercising control over assets in their own account (''self-directed plans''), DEW also provides quarterly educational support and investment workshops designed for the Plan participants. The nature of the topics to be covered will be determined by DEW and the client under the guidelines established in ERISA Section 404(c). The educational support and investment workshops will NOT provide Plan participants with individualized, tailored investment advice or individualized, tailored asset allocation recommendations.

Fee Schedule

Our fees for Pension Consulting Services are negotiable; however, we typically charge for these services a fixed annual fee ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. DEW reserves the right to charge lower or higher fixed fee based on the complexity of the client’s situation, the time required to perform such services, and the nature and extent of other services DEW has provided or expects to provide for a particular customer.

*For more information on services provided and fees charged by DEW Wealth Strategies, LLC, Registered Investment Advisor; see form ADV-II.